I just want to jump on the boy and fuck his brains out wo w

Text: Summer Lovin' kaelin: nooo
kaelin: baby :(
summer: begging isn't going to make me come home any faster kae lol
summer: patience is key
summer: it'll just be that much better when i get back
Jayce: No no it's okay I mean I've been busy as hell with the stuff going around about the new book too.
Jayce: Uh about that ...
Jayce: Is it okay if I break into your dorm room?
Zara: So are you implying it's both of our faults then??
Zara: When have you ever asked in the past lol

ok actually i just got a wave of tiredness and ill be up around 7am because we’re getting our roof re-shingled tomorrow so the noise is going to start between 7-8 in the morning oN A SUNDAY ffs ok bye pumpkins ill be back either tomorrow or monday :)